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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Sub Inspector Ministry of Defense Paper 2021 - mod si past papers

Sub Inspector Ministry of Defense Paper 2021 Complete MOD sub-inspector paper: Today 27-06-2021.

If you can search for Sub Inspector Ministry of Defense NTS Past Paper 2019, here we will share the Past paper of NTS in the Ministry of Defense with you. You can read online or download these Past Papers.


MOD sub-inspector paper: 27-06-2021 

For Best Quality Click on Image and Open image in New Tab:

Click Here to Download 2021 MOD SI Past Papers

More Questions:
1. Antonym of Ambiguity
2. Antonym of Gratuity
3. Antonym of Censure
4. Antonym of Decorative
5. Antonym of Preliminary
6. Antonym of Persecute
7. Antonym of Drop
8. Antonym of Better
9. Recent India-China Disputed Area Name?
10. FATF Stands For? (Financial Action Task Force)
11. Sunrise in the east and sets in the West because of Earth Revolution or Rotation?
12. Second Prime Minister of Pakistan? (Khuwaja Nazim UDin)
13. Which Part of Tea Plant is Used For Making Tea? (Leaves)
14. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan? (Gulzar Ahmad)
15. Chinkara deer and Peacocks are found in which region?
16. For Economy Improvement What should be increased?
17. BRICS is A Group of Developing (Countries or Economies)
18. Mirza Ghalib Born in Which City ?(Agra)
19. Last Month of Islamic Colander? (Zil Hajj)
20. Kumrat Valley is in Which Region? (Upper Dir)
21. Deepest Ocean of the World? (Pacific)
22. CASA-100 Includes Kurdistan, Afghanistan and? (Tajikistan)
23. FIFA-2021 Will Held in Which Country? (Japan)
24. Qur'an was translated in Latin in Which Year? (1143)
25. Which Surah is Knows as the preface of the Quran? (Surah Fatiha)
26. To spend Time In Arafat is Wajib,Sunnah or Faraz? (Faraz)
27. How many Chapters are in Holy Quran? (30)
28. Rabia Basri Born in Which Country? (Iraq)
29. Tafseer of Qur'an Should be Started With
30. What is the Meaning of Kausar? (Abundance)
31. Madni Surah's are Mostly? (I Marked Longer)
32. What is the meaning of Al-Asar? (I Marked Time)
33. Tayammum was revealed during which Ghazwa? (Ghazwa Mustaliq)
34. the Thal Desert Lies b/w which two Rivers? (Jehlum and Chenab)

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