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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Interview Experience149 PMA L/C, Pak Army initial test Interview 149 L/C About 32 minutes Long Interview

 Interview Experience149 PMA L/C, Pak Army initial test Interview 149 L/C About 32 minutes  Long Interview

[11:54 am, 28/11/2021] .: Interview experience 


( Note: ignore spelling mistakes please due to hurry)

Pma 149 course

Date : 19 nov 2021 

Center: pano aqil cantt

Name: b*l*l r*o*a ( to keep secret) 

 Results: 3 recommended out of 27 ( mee too) 

Dress : dark blue dress pant + cream white shirt+ black belt+ black oxford shoes( louis pastor)

Knock knock knock

Me; may i coming sir loudly.

Col. Yes 

Me. Stand right of chair said salam confidently 

Col+ cap. Judged my dress and face 3 times up to down

Col. Please sit.

Me. Sitted as manners

Col. How will you introduce yourself 

Me . Told my name, father, adress, matric school, fsc college ( aps) 

Col. Father profession




Col. About father work

Me. Told

Cold. Asked about father g*c

Me. Told

Col. G*c name?

Me. Sorry sir

Col. Very good you must not have to know it

Me. Thank you sir

Note: from here interview started in urdu.

Col . Father ki demerits


Col. In anger bilal you told your father don't like technology then why you are YouTubers.

Me.  Told

Col.  About my stay.

Me . Told.

Col . Why not you choose Lahore center against of pano aqil because you are living in Gujranwala. ( In anger way) 

Me. Told

Col. About uncle

Me . Told

Col. Uncle property 

Me. Told

Col. Uncle income

Me. Told

Col. About brothers

Me. Told

Col . About sisters me told. 

Col . About best friend

Me. Told

Col. His demerits.

Me. Told

Suddenly colonel in very angry mood and loud voice

Col. Why you got bad marks in fsc and good in matric.

Me . Told reason( more confidentiality.

Col. No you are not telling truth.

Me. No sir , again same reasons confidentiality

( More questions on it)

 Col. About my college 

Me . Told

Col. Who is college toper

Me. My best friend ( keeping name secret)

Again in anger in loud

Col. Then why you got less marks then you friend. 

Me. Told( confidentiality) 

Now he started asking questions like free fire one after one

Col. Forgein minster

Me. Told

Col. Air cheif

Me. told

Col. Naval cheif?

Me. Told 

Col. Sindh cm? 

Me . Told

Col. British pm?

Me. Told

Then asked history questions because of my hobby

Col. Current ruler of khairpur state?( Due to my democile) 

Me. Talpur family  asked sorry for specific ruler name.

Col. When khairpur srate joined Pakistan.

Me. Told

Col. One unit formula?

Me . Told

Col. Quaid-e-azam 14 points? 

Me .  Told just 3 basic

Col. Round table conferences?

Me.  Told

Col. Very good 

Me . Thank you. 

Than started asking current affairs questions.

Col. Taliban government

Me. Sir interm government at the moment not permanent 

Col. Appreciated

Col. Indian china conflict is at which place other than ladakh

Me.  Urnachal pardesh 

Col.   Good smile

Col. About tamil tigers 

Me. Told little bit relevant

Col. Little wait looking at my file

After some time watching at my file

Col. You wrote reading in your hobbies tell last book you read.

Me. told totally right

Col. About my hobby photography

Me. Told

Now colonel sir asked someone physiological questions 

Col. When you last buy your own phone ?

Me.  Told( little bit surprised) 

Col. Phone model 

Me . Told.

Col. Price

Me. Told

Col. Which social media apps installed in it? 

Me. Told YouTube, Facebook, Instagram( forget to told Whatsapp but thanks dont noticed.)

Col. You wrote on form you spent you pocket money in college and on bicycle

Me. Yes sir.

Col. Which bicycle you have ?

Me . Mountain 🚲 bike

Col. How old 

Me. Two years.

( He was checking i wrote truth or not)

 Col. Kuch aci demerits btao gis sa app ka father world most ideal and best father ho.

Me..  sir no one is ideal in world everyone have some demrits but sir still i think my father must have to be less angry. ( Literally this was most tricky question of interview) 

Col. Due have girl friend

Me. No sir ( keep in mind to react normally with no impressions on face.

Col. With magnificent smile 😃 goood

Me . Thank you sir

Col. Latest tank of Pakistan

Me. Vt4 

Col. Made in?

Me. Sir china

Col.  About air force jets.....

Me. Just start telling

       (But Suddenly)

Col. Ok goodbye( a physiological trick to check my impressions) 

Me. Stand left of chair said thank you sir Allah hafiz sir ( loudly, confidentiality)( closed-door slightly )

 In the whole interview, capt was sitting on side of colnel table and noticing me and noting down something. 

One thing more in whole i interview sometimes capt shake his face like no no no when i ask correct answers that were mostly,  but whenever i give little bit wrong answers capt started shaking his head yess yess yess ( may be it is too distrat candidate or something else ) but literally in whole interview i Even not looked at him a while clearly i observed him blurry because he was sitting on side of colnel tabe.


Time;;; interview was very long of mine about 32 mins and others too.

Final tips

1 . Confidence

2  . Mind alertness

3 .  Truth 

4.   Dress

5 .  Be real

6.   Luckiness 

7.    Respect

8.   Manners.

Best of 🤞 luck ❤️❤️❤️

Note;; please keep my identity secret


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