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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Part 2..PAK Army initial Test MCQS - 149 PMA Long cource Test Experience

 My initial experience was PMA 149 L/C Peshawar Center. Alhamdulillah passed!

📌Verbal was easy but time-consuming. So practice it very well before going so you can manage time then.

📌 Nonverbal was much easier than verbal but that was time-consuming too.

📌 Academic portion: My questions were a little hard. There were few mathematics questions and those I remember except mathematics are as follows :

1. Where is bait ul Muqaddas?

Ans. Palestine

2. Who represented Pakistan in the Tashkent meeting?

Ans. President Ayub Khan

3. How many Muslims were there in Badr?

Ans. 313

4. When the battle of Uhad was fought?

Ans. 3 AH

5. In the American Civil War in 1963 which battle had the most casualties?

Ans. The battle of Gettysburg

6. What is the literal meaning of Rabb?

Ans. Sustainer

7. What is the Nisab of Zakat for gold?

Ans. 7.5 Tola

8. When did the war of Independence start?

Ans. 1857

9. What initial draft was prepared to give pace to the constitution of Pakistan?

Ans. Objective Resolution

10. Who wrote the national anthem of Pakistan

Ans. Hafeez Jalandhari

11. Hafeez Kardar was the player of which game?

Ans. Cricket

12. First commonwealth games held in which year?

Ans. 1930

13. Jinnah Gandhi talks in 1944 failed due to?

Ans. WWII ( confirm it )

14. Which military operation is currently ongoing?

Ans. Aman

15. Which player made the most runs for Pakistan in ODI?

Ans. Inzamam Ul Haq

16. Where was OIC founded?

Ans. Saudi Arabia

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