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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Part 1..Pak Army initial Test Mcqs - PMA 149 Academic Test - Pak Army, Navy, Airforce MCQs

1.. Pakistan Army ASRC Lahore Center Initial Test Experience PMA-149 Long Course.

Test 1. Army initial Test Mcqs - PMA 149 Academic Test - Pak Army, Navy, Airforce MCQs

Academic Test:

1. Zabeeullah is the title of(Ismail A.S)


3. Truce of Hudaybiya was ordered in?

4. (I think the question was like that)adjoint of n(A-B)...?

5. Member of senate assembly is selected by...?

6. EU organization members...?

7. OPEC Headquarters...?

8. Capital of Austria...?

9.UN Secretary general duration...?

10.Rani Kort Fort Location...?

11.Diamar Basha dam location...?

12.Nashter Hospital is where...?

13. Which one is the largest river


14.1st ghazwa of Islam Widan(abwa) was not in option...?

15. What is common between people of Pakistan options like Islam, dress, language, etc...?

16. Father of Hazrat Ishaq is...?

17. Shajo risala is a famous book of...?

18. National Anthem was written by...?

19. Olympic Airway Headquarters...?

20. Atomic Energy Bomb Headquarters...?

21.Where is Reko Diq mine...?

22. After the 1971 war where(which place) peace agreement signed for this war...?

23. 3,6,12.... is the GD of the fifth term...?

24. Largest Barrage of Pakistan...?

25.Governor of Balochistan...?

26. Which surah starts first in Quran...?

27.1st revealed surah of Quran...?

28. Bad Shah khan mosque is where...?

29. Wild opposite is...?

30. Who is not in Ashra Mubshra option were given below. You only have to read those 10 sahaba who were gifted heaven in their life...?

31. Proton Discovery...?

32. First man in space...?

33. Where is Benazir Bhutto assassinated...?

34. the First man accepted Islam...?

35.Tarbela dam kis ki hakumat me bana tha...?

♧Best of Luck♧

5) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid belonged to the tribe of:

(a) Hashim

(b) Umayyah

(c) Makhzum(correct)

(d) None of these

3) Hazrat Uthman was assassinated in the month of:

(a) Ramazan

(b) Rajab

(c) Zilhaj

(d) None of these(correct)

* Badr meaning(full moon)

*Badr is a (village)

* Uhad is a (mountain )

*battle of ya mama was fought in region of (Hazrat Abu Bakr RA)

*when Quaid becomes president of AIML (1916)

*pentagon is (US defense office)

*which pm of India visited Pak in 1999(Atal Bihari Vajpayee)

*Iqbal park in which city(Lahore)

*depest lake in world(baikal lake)rusia

*democracy sys was introduced by (Ayub khan)

*mantiqe in the book of (logics)

*qila balhisar in (peshawar )

*meaning of tanzeel (revelation)

*scalar matrix is also called(diagonal or square)

*when Rashid minhas martyred (20 Aug 1971)

*first hafiz e Quran women? (Hafsa bint e Umer RA)

*objective resolution passed by (constitutional assembly of Pak on12 March 1949)

*and presented by (Liaquat Ali khan on (7 march 1949)

*chief justice of Pak ( Gulzar Ahmed)

*speaker of na (asad qaisar)pti

*national sport of Canada (lacrosse)

*senator period in Pak (6year)

*Warsak dam completed (1960)

*capital of Uganda (Kampala)

*captain of PAK cricket team for only one day (Omar Akmal or Babar)

*largest airport of Pak (Jinnah international airport Karachi)

*Pak won the champion trophy against India in (2017)

*additive inverse of x andy(-X and -Y)

*Pak china border length (592km) 


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