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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Part 4..Pak Army Initial test Experience 149 PMA L/C

 ASRC Hyderabad 149 PMA L/c Test Experience

PAK Army Initial Test MCQA=PMA 149 L/C_PAK Army, Navy, Airforce

Q. Hazrat bibi hafsa was wife of ? Muhammad SAW

Q. 90%90=81

Q.What is the title of Hazarat Umar R.A (Ameer ul mohmeneen)

Q. Who was Pakistan 1st test captain (Abdul Hafeez kardar)

Q. Who had the most test runs from Pakistan ( you as khan)

Q. Harappa in which city. (Sahiwal)

Q. Yaun is the currency of (china)

Q. Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) had how many daughters??(Four)

Q. Name of Pakistan was coined by..?(Ch. Rehmat Ali)

Q.Speaker of National Assembly..?(Asad Qaiser)

Q.Prophet(P.B.U.H) performed the first umrah in...?(7 Hijri)

Q.Pakistan can be divided into how many physiographical divisions.?

Q.Warsak dam is built on which river.?(Kabul river)

Q.First president of the constituent assembly of Pak.?(Quaid e Azam)

Q.Babusar pass connects.....?(KPK with Gilgit)

Qmwhy we boil milk.?

Q. why parents send children to school.?

Q.90 percent of 90.?(81)

Q.Quarter of one-tenth of 120.?(3)

Q.One tenth of 90.?(9)

Q. 1200 students are present in a class out of 1500. what is the percentage of present students? (80%)

Q. 340 are male out of 500 then the percentage of male.?(68%)

Q. Ali is 4 years old and his sister is 3 times older than him when Ali is 11 years old then the age of his sister.?(33 years)

Q.A train is moving twice fast as a car if the speed of the car is 60km/h then how much distance will the train cover in 30 minutes? (60Km)

Q. A vehicle is moving at the speed of 90km/h then how much distance it will cover in 12 minutes.?(18Km)

Q. If the 15th day of a month is Monday then what will be the 4th day of that month.??

Q..If yesterday was Friday then what will be the day after tomorrow.?(Monday)

Q. If 2nd day of a month is Sunday then what will be the 23rd day of that month.?(Sunday)

Q.How many months have 31 days in a calendar.?(7 months)

Q.Out of 15 people in a room 2/3 are male then how many females.?(10)

Q. when Pak become Islamic republic (23 march 1956)

Q. PTI was found ( 25 April 1996)

Q. Pak- Ind border (Red cliff line)

Q.90% of 90 ( 81) 

Q. UNO was made (24 Oct 1945)

Q. Federal health minister(Faisal sultan)

Q. WHo was found( 7 April 1948)

Q. Old name of madina (Yasrub)

Q. Khyber pass join Pakistan with (Afghanistan)

Q. Surahs are called Mozartean( Surah falaq and naas)

Q. ruskan peak ( Balochistan pleatue)

Q.1962 constitution was..( Presidential)


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