Part 5..Pak Army Initial Test MCQS Experience =149 PMA L/C- Academic Test Pak Amy, Navy ,Airforce - Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2021 - Bise Jobs

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Part 5..Pak Army Initial Test MCQS Experience =149 PMA L/C- Academic Test Pak Amy, Navy ,Airforce

 AS&SC Karachi Initial Test Mcqs 149 PMA L/C

Army Initial Test Mcqs - PMA 149 L/C 

1. Najashi ka  religion Kia tha (firstly Cristian after Muslim)

2. Najashi k samny Surah Maryam ki Tilawat kis ny ki the?(hazrat jafir bin tayyar RA)

4.  Chaura chori incident(02 feb 1922)

5. Montegue Chelmsford reform date (1919)

6. Last word after arranging the beauty 

7. Operation radulfasad kub shuru kia gya tha(22 feb 2017).

8. operation Zab e Azb (15 June 2014)

8. Dawn newspaper kis NY (Quaid Azam )

9. Capital of Austria(Vienna)

10. capital of Australia (Canberra)

10 . Most weapon supplying country (USA) then (Russia)

Jo sub-Sy Zada weapon supply Krti Hy 

12. Meaning of Fatiha   Surah Fatiha ka Mtlb(open, explain, disclose, keys of treasure etc)

13. Ammemdment in 1973 resolution(34)

14. Muhammad PBUH was born in which year(year of elephants)

15. Hazrat Amina died when Prophet age was(06) 

16. Ruler after yahya khan (zulfiqar ali butto)

17. Keenjhar lake Kis province main Hy (Sindh Thatta Distt)

18. Pakistan located in.......... side of Asia(southern )

19. Quaide Azam left congress in (1920)

20. Multan is the city of (saints)

21. Mohabbat khan Mosque in(Peshawar)

22. Masjide zarar kis ny bnai(Abu 'Amir al-Rahib)

23. When Hinda accepted Islam(8 Hijri)

24. Two coordinate axes meet at a point which is called(origin)

24. Which  matrix has no additive inverse   Diagnol scalar is Trah option thy 

25. (-2,1) lies in which Quadrant(The point is located in the fourth quadrant because x is positive and y is negative.)

*Raja Gidh was written by (Banu Qudsia)

*(Loy Saar Naikan) highest peak of Balochistan mountain.

*EU h.q in (Brussels, Belgium)

*biggest agency of UN (FAO) food and agriculture organization of the UN.

*Muhammads SAW camel stands in front of whom house when reached to Madina (Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari)

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