149 PMA L/C 1st Batch ISSB Experience Quetta Center| 02 Jan to 06 January

 149 PMA L/C 1st Batch ISSB Experience Quetta Center| 02 Jan to 06 January

Deputy President Interview:-

1. Introduce Yourself 

2. What's the meaning of your Name?

3. Why do you want to Join Army.?

4. Why only Army? Why Not Police

5. What Do You Think About Afghanistan Current Situation.?

6. Do you smoke?

7. Your Biggest regret?

8. Your Hobby is Hunting, so how Many Animals have been hunted?

9. The biggest lie of your life?

10. You have 3 gf, to whom will you marry?

11. If I Give you 1 Caror Rupee what will you do?

13, If you got not Recommended what will you do?

14, What are the problems of Youth Nowadays?

15, Do you want to say something or any changes you want us to do in Issb?

Word Association Test:-

1, life

2, Specific

3, Special

4, Exhausted

5, wound

6, Caring

7, Tough 

8, Beautiful

9, Sacrifice

10, Goal

11, Perfect

12, Trust

13, Efforts

14, Pure 

15, Creative

16, Follow

English Group Discussion Topic:-

*Is Madrasas Of Pakistan Spreading Terrorism?

Urdu Group Discussion:-

8Divorce barnay k kia Wjoohat hain?

Lecturate Topic;- 

*Political Parties are Destroying Pakistan,

Essay Topic:-

*Biggest Goal Of My Life,

*Greatest success of My Youth,

Pointer Stories:-

*..He was about to achieve his goal But...,

*He was physically very fit and strong so He...

Situation Reaction Test:-

1, You were digging a Ditch and you found a sack of Diamond, you took it home so what will you do?

2, Your Father is very old and he was hit by your Relation with the car and didn't take him to the hospital on The spot, now he is in a critical situation what will you do?

3, You fell in love with A girl who is of a low cast but your parents want you to marry a high-class girl so what will you do?

4, You went for a picnic with friends, at night time a girl entered your room and slept beside you what will you do?

5, You are on duty at loc border, the Indian Army raised a white Flag and call you for a quick Talk, what will you do?

Picture Stories:- There are 4 Picture Stories, and the time limit to write each story is 4 Minutes,

Lecturate Topics Solved All available on this website:-

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