ISSB Experience Malir-1st Batch- 02 January to 06 Jan-149 PMA L/C

 ISSB Malir 1st Batch Experience Batch 2 January to 06 January

Deputy President Interview:

1, Introduce Yourself

2. your Father profession 

3. Your father is a judge then why don't you join the law?

4. Is Judiciary Independent?

5. Why do you want to join Army

6. What kind of leadership qualities do you have?

7. your Hobby?

8. Tell me 3 demerits of your father

9. Your Merits and Demerits?

10. Your hobby is cooking so, tell me how to cook finger fish?/

11. How many GF do you have?

12, What is the Benefit of smoking?

13, Any Regret in life?

14, if you got not Recommended what will you Do?

15, What's your pocket money?

16, if you become an officer what will you do for your family?

17, What is your father's income?

Word Association Test :

1, Achieve

2, night

3, Forget

4, Surrender

5, Sacrifice

6, Goals

7, Public

8. Democracy

9, Faith

10, Crush

11, Humble

12, Respect

13, Life 

14, Aim

15, Officer

16, Dislike

English Half Sentence:

1, he Dislikes..........

2, His Parents wants him.......

3, He wants to.......

4, His aim is to....

5, The only thing he cant do.....

Urdu Half Sentence:

1, Wo Mahnat Karne k Bawajood...

2, Us Ne Jese hee...

3, Din Rath Mehnat Karne k baad...

4, Jab us ne Moja Deka....

5, Jab Many us ki Tareef ki to....

English Group Discussion;

*Increasing Terrorism in Pakistan

Urdu Group Discussion Topic:

*Kia Taleem Insan Ko Sab Kuch Sikati hai

Lecturate Topic:

1, Family Planing

2, What is Islam and what do Muslims do now?

3, Impact of Drugs On Youth

Easy Topic:

*Biggest Achievement of my life

Pointer Stories:

1, He was Resisted Towards his Goal to achieve.......

2, His parents were Thinking that he will Do Business But.....

Situation Reaction Test;

1, Someone is stealing from a general store in this Pandemic what will you do?

2, Someone made your video along with Your Girl Friend and Now he is Blackmailing you, what will you Do...

3, Two Boys Got same Marks in the test for a job but one is smart and humble and another one is poor, to whom will you select?

Picture Stories:-

There are 4 Picture Stories and the times limit for Each Story is 4 Minutes:-

Stories Given Below:-

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Quetta Canter Experience:-

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